We craft quality hemp natural fibers skateboards.

Our hemp skateboards are a complete change and innovation in the way skateboards are made. Sustainable in both design and manufacturing in order to reduce the environmental impact and to ensure highest quality.

We use solely natural and sustainable materials from renewable resources, 100% natural hemp and flax fibers as well as high performance plant based resin. The combination of raw materials with superior mechanical properties makes our boards completely different from anything you’ve ridden before, yet it looks and feels like a regular skateboard.

Sustainable local sourcing and manufacturing is something we are all very passionate about. Therefore we use materials and processes that are the best in the industry from the environmental perspective. All the materials are locally grown and processed in Europe.

Deep-rooted passion for board sports and our environment taught us how to push ourselves beyond our limits and develop projects that matter. Founded by passionate creatives and board sports enthusiasts dedicated to bring innovative ideas to life in most sustainable ways possible.